If you have been thinking about buying a life insurance term, you most likely have many questions about the right plan for you. This article will briefly describe the common lengths of term life insurance and should help you make a decision regarding what length policy to purchase.

The most common terms or years of coverage for life insurance are 10 and 20. Some companies do offer 1 year coverage but that is unusual. Although uncommon, 1 year terms do serve a purpose. It would be in your interest to choose a 1 year term if you need coverage short term while doing something that is costly such as remodeling your home. Your spouse could benefit from a financial boost in case of your death in the middle of a project. You could also pick a 1 year coverage plan if you were going to be on extended travel from your spouse in case of death.

Ten and 20 year terms are beneficial if you are young and healthy. In that case you will get the most affordable rates. It is best not to delay in deciding on a plan so you can lock in your term rate immediately. No matter what term you choose, you are giving your family financial protection during times of grief.

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