Normally, any insurance providing company would check the health of the applicant by making him to undergo a medical examination. It is done so because they would not know the person when they apply for the term life insurance.

The medical examination not only reveals the actual health of the applicant but also to check if he has applied for the right kind of term life insurance and if it has enough coverage. The results got out this examination would determine the monthly premium; sometimes it might also form the basis for denial of term life insurance coverage if the examiners consider the applicant to be very ill. In such case, the applicant would opt for a no medical examination term life insurance quote, so that he and his family would be benefited.

There are actually many differences between the term life insurance with medical exam and the one without a medical exam. One cannot be very reliable on the term life insurance policy without any medical examination and hence should only consider as a supplemental policy.

The main policy should be the one that includes medical examination. The reason is that, the companies who provide the term life insurance policies without medical examination only pay a fraction of the benefit when compare to the ones with medical examination. Such term life insurance policies are normally found online, in magazines, newspapers and given by companies who deal with many businesses.

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