For many persons, hazardous occupations might be inevitable as their livelihood depends on the earnings; some take them up as their hobby. Some of the hazardous occupations persons take up as their career include aviation, pilot, mountain climbing guides, scuba diving instructors, race car drivers, motocross riders, surfers and many more. For such persons, the premiums on their term life insurance are more than others who are into normal jobs. The reasons are that they are more prone to dangers and perils than others.

There is no need to pay exorbitant premiums just because they are into dangerous professions as there are ways to get cheap premiums on the term life insurance. There are certain sports that are known as extreme sports played to get a thrilling experience like hang gliding, dirt biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, scuba diving and mountain climbing, but the above said sports are played once in a while and not always.

Insurance companies do not charge more for such games that are played once in a while; normally they charge an extra amount (flat) on the premium of the term life insurance. But when the person grows older, the prices might be triple the normal amount as the risk increases when the age increases. Another way to get cheaper prices on the term life insurance is to exclude the dangerous sports, but to cover all other things.

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