If any one wonders if it is possible to get term life insurance for smokers, the answer is both yes and no. It all depends of various factors. It should be noted that not all persons who smoke are chain smokers and might not be finishing two or three packs of cigarettes daily. But the price of the term life insurance for smokers could be a little higher than that offered for non-smokers.

In order to get online term life insurance at a cheaper price, the smoker should not be of an overweight, the body weight should be on par with the person’s sex, age and height, should avoid playing dangerous sports and should not be exposed to any sort of hazards (both physical and chemical).

Since many insurers provide different scores to different persons, the applicant should try to get as many quotes as possible and select the cheapest one and the suitable one. Through internet, one can get thousands of quotes just in a minute that the hassle of shopping around for a cheaper quote is avoided. The operating cost and stationery expenses for such insurance companies are very low that they pass on the benefit to their customers. Moreover the competition is very fierce that a smoker can very well get a cheaper term life insurance quote online.

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